Why rent a boring sedan when you can rent a sports car?
Why fight long airport bus rides?
Why wait in long lines at national car rental chains?

Rent A Vette of Phoenix first opened for business in the summer of 1984. At the beginning the total rental fleet consisted of 3 Corvettes and a single Jaguar Sedan. From those beginnings Rent A Vette’s fleet has grown too include a number of different makes and models including Corvettes, Mercedes, Saleen Mustangs, Bentley, Porsche, BMW, Hemi Challenger, Hummer and other specialty cars.

Founded by it’s current owner's, Richard and Lorraine Cox, Rent A Vette has become the premier Specialty Car Rental Company for the Phoenix Valley. Over the past 26 years different specialty car companies have come and gone from the Phoenix Valley but Rent A Vette has grown and prospered by renting current body sports cars and luxury cars at a very affordable rate.




The owner of Rent A Vette has a passion for cars. Not only new cars but also classic cars. This passion has been a life long interest. Richard joined his first car club, The Quarter Master's of Las Vegas, at the age of 17 where he met his wife-to-be, Lorraine. To this day Richard and Lorraine personally owns a number of classic cars. Before opening Rent A Vette, Richard was employed by a New Car Dealership as a Truck Salesman. Over the years Richard worked his way up the corporate ladder until reaching the position of General Manager.

Bored by the everyday monotony of corporate life Richard decided to branch out on his own. Opening Rent A Vette was the perfect opportunity to remain in the car business while providing other people the opportunity to enjoy his passion and the pleasures of driving some of the worlds finest cars made. Rent A Vette's business slogan is "We Rent Excitement"... and every day Rent A Vette has the pleasure of fulfilling that Slogan to their customers.

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