Grand Canyon Day Trip

Traveling Arizona landscape will absolutely dazzle you. The fact that your driving the Arizona’s freeways in a exciting convertible from Rent A Vette is just icing on the cake. One of the most popular Day Trips is visiting the Grand Canyon. Canyon View Information Plaza is the park's visitor facility. Here you will find the visitor center, a large bookstore, and ample restrooms, all within a short walk of Mather Point. As much as you will hate to, you can park your car and ride the free shuttle or walk the short trail from Mather Point to the edge of the Canyon.

There are many overlooks accessible by car that offer spectacular views of the canyon. Desert View Drive follows the canyon rim for 26 miles east of Grand Canyon Village to Desert View - the east entrance to the park. Desert View Drive is open to private vehicles throughout the year. Hermit Road follows the rim for 8 miles west from Grand Canyon Village to Hermits Rest. Hermit Road is closed to private vehicles much of the year, but the park runs a free shuttle bus to provide transportation to overlooks.

For viewing and photographing the canyon, the best light is early or late in the day. Mid-day sun tends to flatten the view and soften the colors. Remember that days are short in the winter and long in the summer. If you plan to see the canyon at sunrise or sunset, it is recommended that you be on the rim at least an hour before.

If you decide to spend the night at the Grand Canyon El Tovar Hotel is the premier lodging facility at the Grand Canyon and first opened its doors in 1905 but was most recently renovated in 2005. Today, El Tovar retains its elegant charm. Located on the Canyon rim, it features a fine dining room, concierge services and lounge.

There is no better viewing of the Canyon than from bottom. For a trip of a life time visit Smoothwater Raft Tours. This tour includes transportation from the Grand Canyon South Rim to Glen Canyon Dam , just outside Page, Arizona. Your raft adventure will begin on the Colorado River at the base of the Glen Canyon Dam. With the dam soaring 583 feet above, you will board a motorized pontoon raft for your 15 mile journey down a calm stretch of the Colorado River. Raft through one of the most beautiful parts of the Western United States.

Have you ever wanted to travel back into time? Then take a train ride to the Canyon. The Grand Canyon Railway made its first journey to the South Rim in 1901. With the arrival of the train, people could get to the legendary canyon with ease and comfort. Today, you can travel to Grand Canyon National Park along the same rail line your parents or grandparents did. Select from one of four vintage classes of service which have been lovingly restored. Journey to Grand Canyon National Park aboard Grand Canyon Railway and take a trip not only to America's most recognized spectacle National Park but a trip back in time. Click here to reserve your train tickets.

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