Mogollon Rim Day Trip

The Mogollon Rim is the southern edge of the Mogollon Plateau which runs from the Payson area east through the central part of Arizona. It is known for its many deep canyons and stunning rim vistas. The Rim is protected by several wilderness areas including Wet Beaver, West Clear Creek, and Fossil Springs.

This all-day road trip takes you through gorgeous scenery up to Arizona's mountain country below the Mogollon Rim. Travel Arizona Highway 87 and return via Interstate 17 to avoid rush hour traffic. Be advised that there is only one rest stop on Highway 87. Highway 87 climbs up and down a series of mountains, winding through rugged, rocky terrain. Giant saguaros grow on steep south-facing slopes. In Payson, Highway 260 joins Highway 87. The rim looms above the towns of Payson, Pine and Strawberry. There are several good places to stop and explore.

To return to Phoenix, continue following Highway 260 west to Camp Verde, then take I-17 south to the city. While in Camp Verde make sure you stop by Out Of Africa. Where you can see see hundreds of animals from all over the world! Lions, Tigers, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, Black Bear, Camel, Ostrich, Cobras, Zebra, Exotic Birds Tortoise, Wildebeest, Jaguar, Leopards, Wolves, Hyenas and more!

On your way back into Phoenix the rest area at Sunset Point has good views. This Day Trip will cover about 240 miles of Arizona�s most spectacular scenery and there's no better way to enjoy this drive then from your own sports car from Rent A Vette.

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